A dynamic reaction picklist for improving allergy reaction documentation in the electronic health record.

Incomplete and static reaction picklists in the allergy module led to free-text and missing entries that inhibit the clinical decision support intended to prevent adverse drug reactions. We developed a novel, data-driven, “dynamic” reaction picklist to improve allergy documentation in the electronic health record (EHR).

AccuCount Fluorescent Particles

ACFP-70-5 5 mL
EUR 192
Description: Flow Cytometry Particles For Absolute Cell Counting

We split 3 decades of allergy entries in the EHR of a large Massachusetts healthcare system into development and validation datasets. We consolidated duplicate allergens and those with the same ingredients or allergen groups. We created a reaction value set via expert review of a previously developed value set and then applied natural language processing to reconcile reactions from structured and free-text entries. Three association rule-mining measures were used to develop a comprehensive reaction picklist dynamically ranked by allergen.